Demo Team

In the spirit of the Hwarang of ancient Silla, our Demonstration Team is for members under age 18 who have demonstrated a commitment to the art of Taekwondo. They are selected to be developed as leaders amoung their peers, and participate in our annual elected demonstartion team. Members must tryout. Organization offered to provide our accomplished youthful practitioners the ablitiy to demonstate their art to the community, develop strong character, and be inspirational embasadors of Taekwondo.

In the spirit of the ancient knights of Western Europe, and samuari of ancient Feudal Japan, our Hwarang team serves to be an example to his or her fellow students. The purpose of the demo team is to provide community demonstrations of Taekwondo techniques. Members of the Demo team are expected to provide a good example to other Taekwondo students, participate in testing day demonstartions, and community service events. Tryouts are held, each member takes on the responsability to come to all the scheduled studio friends and family demonstrations as well as all testing days. Students of all ranks are allowed on the Demo team.

The ancient Hwarang were a sort of knighthood in ancient Korea. Not unlike the Samurai of feudal Japan. The word means means most literally "Flowering Knight." and can be thought of as an officer. It is our purpose to develop our youths heart, discipline, and character into honorable and wise citizens in the spirit of the Hwarang of ancient Korea.

To learn weapons techniques, primarly Staff, Sword, Bow and Arrow as well as go on outbound camping trips, and do community service projects.

5 Commandments:

  1. Loyalty to one's country
  2. Piety towards one's parents
  3. Trust among friends
  4. Never flee in battle
  5. Protect Life