Self Defense. We practice over 100 unique joint locking and self defense techniques encompassed in our training. Many new students mistakenly ascribe self defense techniques and grappling to other forms of martial arts. Because of our historic roots to police and federal protection units, we train in all forms of self defense and grappling.

When we say self-defense, we mean escaping from holds, throws, grabs, pins and pressure points. These techniques are usually very dangerous, striking to the eyes, throat, groin and joints. Safety is maintained because both attacker and defender move in a prearranged manner and no one is surprised or walks into anything unsuspectedly. Hoshinsul techniques are usually too dangerous to be used during freesparring.

  • 10 Basic Self Defense Techniques
  • 10 Belt Holding Techniques
  • 10 Walking Self Defense Techniques
  • 10 Sitting Self Defense Techniques
  • 10 Capture and Control Techniques
  • 10 Knife Self Defense Techniques
  • 10 Gun Self Defense Techniques
  • 10 Cane Self Defense Techniques
  • 10 Rope Self Defense Techniques
  • Three Step Movements (10 Movements)
  • One Step Promise Fighting (10 Movements)