Pledge of Jidokwan

Taekwondo for myself
Taekwondo for my family
Taekwondo for society

The Grandmaster Chun TKD Sabanim Promise

  • To teach each class as if it were the most important class that we will ever teach.
  • To teach our students reliable, useful and safe Martial Arts Skills so that they can defend themselves if every other peaceful option has been exhausted.
  • To make the process of becoming a Black Belt as much fun as it is rewarding.
  • To help students achieve Black Belt Excellence in every aspect of their lives.
  • To earn the respect, loyalty and continued patronage of our students each and every day... one class at a time.

Black Belt Oath I accept with honor and privilege, the Black Belt in Martial Arts, and hereby swear to uphold the standards of honesty, integrity, high moral code, and indomitable spirit. I sincerely pledge to honor my instructor and school with loyalty and support, and to value and carry on the Martial Arts Tradition with respect and dignity. I further pledge, with humility and gratitude, to continue my mental, physical and spiritual growth to the highest level, to lead by example, and to share what I have learned with others.

Instructors Code of Ethics

  • Be cheerful! No matter how you might feel before putting on your uniform. The moment you cinch the knot in your belt, your attitude should be awesome!
  • Be consistent! Steady attendance is a must. The instructors and students are counting on you.
  • Never be un-constructively critical. Instead be constructively helpful.
  • Be a good-finder. Look for the good in the students you're helping and tell them about it.
  • Never punish; discipline instead. Discipline is done out of love: punishment is done out of anger.
  • Give the personal touch. Understand the importance of positive touch, eye contact, and student recognition.
  • Go the extra mile. Always give more than expected.
  • Treat every student as though he/she is the most important person in the class. We should treat ALL people that way, and only then will they freely give you their friendship and their respect.

Cal. Civ. Code ยง 1798.102 - Do Not Sell My Personal Information