Roots of Jidokwan

Martial arts is like fluid. You can try to hold it in your hand, but it will slip out. The best way to take it with you is to drink deeply. In so doing, you will be refreshed. The characters for Karate used to mean "China Hand", but Gichin Funakoshi changed them to mean "Empty Hand".  After World War II. In many ways Taekwondo is the Korean influenced form of Karate.

Unknown Chineses and Okanawian Masters
Okinawa Azato Anko & Itosu Anko
Japan  Gichin Funakashi


I Founder Chun, Sang Sup - Founder of Chosun Yon Moo Kwan - later called Jidokwan
     1) Grandmaster Chun, Il-Sup (Sang Sup's brother)
            a) Grandmaster Chun, Kae Bae


                  1) Master Sam Naples
                  2) Master Chuck Stepan

Korea Yoon, Byung In - YMCA Kwon Bop Bu
Man Suk Lee - Chang Moo Kwan