Guidelines for showing respect to yourself, your studio, and your teacher.

Studio Rules:

  • Bow as you enter and leave the studio, the training area, and bow to your teacher.
  • Say "Yes Sir or Ma'am" and "No Sir or Ma'am" when asked a question.
  • If you are late to class ask permission to join class. Classes start on the hour.
  • When you approach your teacher, wait to be addressed before speaking.
  • Remove all rings, necklaces, watches, and jewelry before training.
  • Wear a clean uniform and exercise good personal hygene.
  • Senior belts are expected to lead by example.
  • You must ask permission to participate in any tournament or other outside martial art activity.

Home Rules:

  • All students are to greet their parents when entering their home, and say goodbye before leaving.
  • All students will respect their parents, teachers, and elders.
  • All students will be kind to their siblings.
  • All students will keep their rooms clean, and do their family household chores.
  • All students will keep their hair, body and teeth clean, and finger nails trimed.

School Rules:

  • All students will do their best accidemically. *Grades below a "C" may lead to disciplinary action.
  • All students will stand up to bullies, and defend themselves and their classmates.
  • All students will avoid physical conflict, and will never start a fight.